3 comments on “Want something done correctly, cheaply and convieniently ? Then do it yourself!

  1. Reblogged this on Becoming The Capitalist and commented:
    While I do agree about things such as travel agents (definitely a waste of dinero) I feel that in some cases hiring someone makes sense.

    Ex. A car mechanic, sure I can fix my headlight. Actually that’s a lie my headlight involves taking out the light holder itself as the car’s windshield wiper fluid tank is in the way of the bulb socket. I can’t actually do that without taking apart the front quarter of my car. 😦

    But in cases such as a plumber, or a car mechanic it’s often better to leave things up to the pros. Sure maybe I pay them 20-40 an hour but if it would take me over 2x the time I figure I’m better off.

    Mow the law, I can do that. The question I think is can you do that, and do it nearly as efficiently as someone else.

    I can use expedia, or orbits just as efficiently as a travel agent can look up flights. I can program a computer just as well as the next guy *ahem* girl, but some things cost more.

    My proof: The economic efficiencies of trade. We are best off doing the things we are efficient at.


    • Hey Capitalist In Progress, thanks for stopping buy. Great point about efficiencies of trade. Maybe next time your headlight goes out you could make a point to replace it yourself. Just have someone handy with cars come over, or on standby and go to work. Funny you should mention headlight, my dealership warned me to always go there for headlight replacement because it is “difficult”. They were right, for the first 20 mins, then once I figured my headlights out, piece of cake. I would like to do more on my car, but I can’t really risk it because, we only have the one car, and I wouldn’t want something to go very wrong with the wife and baby in the car.

      I’ll be sure to head over and have a look at your blog. Thanks again for commenting.


  2. Here’s my simple take on calling a pro VS not. It all depends on the scope of the project and whether you are financially independent.

    Say you are working like a madman at your professional career, enjoy your job and saving/investing your way to FI. At this time it may be best to hire a pro to keep your time free.

    On the flip side you are already financially independent. You have free time, job optional. This would be a great time picking up new skills by renovating your bathroom or fixing your car. Time is the magic word, you have a good supply of it to invest in the learning process.

    Of course it’s all personal preference. Some like tinkering, some don’t. Though, more likely than not, the people working to pay off that extended-cab 4×4 pickup and 4-Wheeler will have less patience to do repairs themselves when compared to those who have their finances in order and are free to do what they really want.

    Now, in my case I left the farm for a while and became a licensed plumber. Obviously I’m not calling calling a plumber when I have the skills and tools to do the job myself. 😉


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