Why am I the fake cheap?  Well it just reinforces the theme of this blog.  Anyone can do this, and there are even times when I spend more than is needed.  For example, my friends, family and co-workers all know how “cheap” I am, so if I spend more money than necessary, everyone will say “You aren’t THAT cheap, you paid more than I did.”  or “You spent that much on that, that is way to much!”  So you CAN do better with your money, and do it easily!  Despite these incidents of overspending or the OCCASIONAL indulgence, I find myself in a financial position superior to may others.

I am in my mid 30’s, married, and have 1 child.  I currently work in a financial administrative position, and also have experience on the financial sales side of things as well. I also hold a business degree majoring in finance.  So I know a thing or two about this stuff.  Our family income is very average, and we have never received any major financial assistance from relatives, an inheritance, 0r win the lottery,  we are doing this on good old fashioned honest salaries.

I have decided to take the anonymous route with my blog for now.  I’m sure my blog wont remain anonymous forever, but I’m going to start that way, hopefully I get a few months out of it.   I may occasionally throw things out there that may be a bit “controversial” for friends, family and co-workers, and I’m not really comfortable with just advertising my financials to the world, along with my name, at least not right now.  I also want to point out that anything I state on this blog will be based on truth, there maybe some detail changes here and there, but nothing material.

Please comment below if you have a topic you would like me to cover.  I also welcome all comments you my have, so fire away!


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